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Trademarks differentiate your products and services from your competitors. They are your most valuable business assets.
Own yours with easy and affordable trademark registrations.

The three main types of trademarks are:


A word or words used as a business name or a unique name for products or services.


Designs either with or without words.


A non-descriptive catch-phrase or slogan.

Why you should register your trademarks

A trademark registration is necessary to grant you ownership of a name, logo or tagline in Canada.

While you can use your name, logo or tagline without registering it as your trademark, registration provides advantages that are not otherwise available to you.

A trademark registration for a name, logo or tagline can be used to stop others from using confusingly similar trademarks, including online and in social media.

A trademark registration extends your ownership of the name, logo or tagline across Canada, compared to an unregistered trademark that is only enforceable where you have sold products or services. This is especially helpful for startups building a national customer base.

A trademark registration gives the Trademarks Office the authority to block others from registering a name, logo or tagline that will confuse your customers.

How to register your trademarks with Markably®

Working with a Trademark Lawyer

In Canada, brand owners can apply to register trademarks themselves or they can appoint a Trademark Agent to act on their behalf.

A Trademark Agent is a Canadian professional, usually a lawyer, who is licensed by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) to act on behalf of others in the registration of trademarks.
There are many reasons to work with a trademark lawyer or agent. They bring a wealth of knowledge about trademark laws and registration requirements that will save you time and money in trademarking your name, logo and tagline. They can also advise you on how to properly use these marks in marketing and how to best protect your business while you are waiting for your registrations.
Markably® was built by the trademark lawyers at Mason PC. Our online platform follows the same interview process they’ve used to register thousands of trademarks in Canada. You get the benefit of their years of experience in protecting brands, at a fraction of the cost.

Why Markably®?

Markably provides all the benefits of working with a lawyer to trademark a name, logo and tagline, at a fraction of the cost. Markably helps you prepare and file trademark applications that have a far better chance of protecting your business than if you try to DIY the trademark process. Plus, we have the team of trademark lawyers at Mason PC on stand-by to assist you when you need it.
Markably makes trademarking faster, easier and more affordable, saving you time, money and worry about protecting your business.


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