We are on a mission to make it easy and affordable for entrepreneurs and startups to own their most valuable business ideas – their trademarks.

You know you need to take the steps to protect your name, logo and taglines from being copied. But there never seems to be enough time to do it yourself, and you have so many other expenses that hiring a lawyer to register these trademarks for you is just not a priority in your budget. But the reality is, the longer you wait to own these properties, the more vulnerable your ideas are to being copied. We’ve seen the damage this can cause and its why we wanted to create an online platform that makes it easy and affordable for entrepreneurs and startups to register their trademarks like a pro and get it done in the blink of an eye.

Our online trademark registration platform:

Makes it more affordable to work with a lawyer to trademark your name, logo and tagline.

Avoids objections and delays to your trademarks.

Helps you quickly and easily own and protect your name, logo and tagline.

Our online trademark registration platform was built by experienced trademark lawyers, and they’re still standing behind it and ready to help when there’s a bump in the road.

Meet our trademark lawyers

Cynthia Mason

Founder & CEO
Lawyer & Trademark Agent

Kimberley Frith-

Trademark Lawyer


What are trademarks?

Trademarks are the words and symbols that businesses use to distinguish their products and services from those of competitors. The most common forms of trademarks are names, logos and taglines, but anything can be a trademark. It just has to be distinctive, meaning that it can’t be descriptive of your products or services, and it can’t be like anyone else’s trademark in your industry.

How do I check registered trademarks?

Our online trademark registration services include a search of the Canadian trademarks register for potentially conflicting trademarks. You can also conduct your own DIY search of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s trademarks database.

The trademark I wanted is already in use. What do I do now?

If your proposed trademark is already being used, you should pick another trademark. If your trademark is the same or very similar to someone else’s it might not be able to distinguish your products or services. Also, if you use a trademark that belongs to someone else, you could be liable for trademark infringement or passing off.

When should I retain a lawyer to complete a trademark registration?

The best time to retain a lawyer to help you register a trademark is before you file the trademark application. Once the application is filed, you can only narrow its scope. You can’t add or broaden the goods and services claimed in the application. A trademark lawyer or agent can help you draft the statement of goods and services to best protect your growing business. Our online trademark registration platform can also take the place of a trademark lawyer, because it describes your products and services as broadly as possible but in compliance with trademark laws.

Should I retain a lawyer to complete the Canadian trademark search?

Yes. An experienced trademark lawyer is the best professional to conduct a search and analyze the search results to determine if the trademark is available for you to use. A quality trademark search will also help you avoid liability for trademark infringement.

When should I retain a lawyer to complete a trademark search?

The best time to retain a lawyer to complete a trademark search is before you start using the trademark on products or services.