Businesses of every size, in every vertical must protect their intellectual property. If you don’t, you will lose money. It’s as simple as that.

WHY? Because people are looking for you digitally. A lot of people. Google is searched more than 63,000 times per second – every day.  

But, the internet giveth. And the internet taketh away. 

Did you bootstrap your way to small business or start-up success?

Have you built a respected and in-demand brand?

Would it damage your business were someone to steal your ideas?

Your online brand is vulnerable anywhere people can interact and engage with you. And people can get very creative when it comes to theft. 

Download The Five Ws of Your Online Brand Protection Strategy TODAY!

And take the steps you need to protect yourself – and your business – from online brand infringement. 


Cynthia Mason is a Canadian lawyer and registered trademark agent with over 17 years of experience in trademark law. After years of putting her organization “superpower” to work, she put her head down and built and launched Markably, Canada’s most comprehensive online trademark registration system.

“It’s funny, this drive I have to rearrange and reorganize everything. It’s not a perfectionist thing. I mean, I’m not Swiss, and I’m certainly no Marie Kondo. I just find the errors. They jump out at me. I find – and fix – mistakes or inefficiencies. Trust me, ask my very patient German engineer husband! ?”

-Cynthia Mason

Let Markably, Canada’s most comprehensive online trademark registration system help you with proactive trademark protection. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

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