Life comes at you fast these days, doesn’t it? It feels like only yesterday that I was still trudging down Bay Street in Toronto a life that many young lawyers aspire to have.

But I’m not most young lawyers. Or at least I wasn’t (again, with that time flying by thing!)!

Fast forward a bunch of years, and BOOM I’ve launched Markably, Canada’s most comprehensive online trademark registration system.

Why Markably?

I’ve had a few people ask me why I went in this direction. Because in today’s digital marketplace, protecting your brand online is more important than ever. And I saw young start-ups, small business owners, and entrepreneurs skipping that part of their growth cycle.

As a trademark lawyer, that unnerved me. I had developed a system of checks and balances, and streamlined my own processes over the years, and I knew that there was a way to create a better way – a software platform that was intuitive and affordable.

I also knew I could reach those people who were risking everything simply because they thought doing a trademark search and registration was just too time-consuming, or too expensive. Or worse, they didn’t realize just how important it IS these days to protect their intellectual property!

Always Be Learning!

Here’s the hard truth: Businesses of every size, in every vertical must protect their intellectual property. If you don’t, you will lose money.

I don’t want to get on my soapbox here, but knowledge is power – and if I have that knowledge to share with people, I want to make sure I do that.

As someone who launched my own boutique law firm years back, I know just how damaging it would be for ME should I experience intellectual property theft.

And I want to make sure I reach people AND provide them with a learning tool so they could check all the boxes when it came to protecting their valuable – and hard fought for – assets.

I know the law can be overwhelming for those of us who are not, well, lawyers! LOL So, along with Markably, I put together this handy-dandy workbook!

The Five Ws of Online Brand Protection

My goal with The Five Ws of Online Brand Protection was to create a useful takeaway tool for people that would help them get their houses in order when it comes to trademark registration.

What’s easy to protect? What’s harder to protect? And, most importantly, how to ensure you’re not only 100% protected – you remain 100% protected.

It maps out the Who, What, Where, When (hint NOW!) and Why of trademark registration, and provides tons of advice and guidance on the following steps you should take toward safeguarding your business.

  • Build your Legal Toolkit
  • Set up a Monitoring Program
  • Take Action to Stop Infringements

People can get very creative when it comes to theft.

Google is searched more than 63,000 times per second – every day. And your brand is vulnerable online anywhere people can interact and engage with you.

The result? Lost sales, increased marketing costs, potential loss of your good name; all of which can happen and end up costing you way more than the act of protecting your brand online at the outset will.

Download Our E-Book

Don’t waste time sitting in a lawyer’s office trying to put that horseback in the barn. Instead, download The Five Ws of Online Brand Protection, and check out Then let me know what you think! I’d love your thoughts and feedback.

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